We’re very excited to welcome you to our new website.

We’ve been trying to figure out what we’d write for out 1st blog – 

Would it be about how we now carry glasses & sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Persol, Prada, Tiffany, Polo Ralph Lauren, Prada Linea Rossa, Vogue, Prue Leith, Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Mint Magnetic, Visage & Matrix all at 20% less than RRP ?…

Perhaps it would be about how you can either have your appointment in our showroom in Paisley or we can bring our huge range of glasses direct to your home ?…

Or maybe it would be about how if you’re looking for cheap glasses you’re at the wrong place, but if you’re looking for quality affordable glasses & sunglasses, this IS the place….

But in the end we decided to start at the start…

What do you have to do when you book an appointment with us ?

Book you eye test as normal – you can contact us the same day and we’ll book you as close to your test as we can, we’ll send you a confirmation email with the date, time, address and a floor plan of the building. 

When you get your eyes tested, at the point of handover you politely decline to look at frames & ask for a copy of your prescription – your eye test is paid for on your behalf by the Scottish Government & you’re under no more obligation to buy from the place that tests you than you are to buy from us – don’t settle for a frame if you’re not 100% in love with it, remember it’s going to be on your face all the time and your face is pretty much the 1st thing people look at when they see you. 

When you come along to the showroom (or us to you), bring a copy of your prescription but don’t panic if you haven’t got it, in most cases we can phone and get a copy while you’re there. 

You’ll be greeted by at least one of us on arrival & given a wee tour of the frames & their respective prices, we’ll ask a few questions relating to what you’re currently wearing (if you don’t have them on), make a few recommendations & invited to try on anything that catches your eye. 

Once you’ve chosen your new frame(s) we’ll take the necessary measurements and that’s it, your frame will head to the lab and we’ll be in touch as soon as they’re ready (the turnaround depends on your prescription – standard single vision can be ready in as little as 24 hours and varifocal take approx 7-10 days. 

So…..if you’re interested in switching up your eyewear or just looking to save money have a look through the models on here, there’ll be more getting added all the time, you can email us here, WhatsApp us here, give us a call on 07912866792  or message us on Facebook and let us help you discover your next look. 

As well as carrying many of the Worlds leading brands – Ray-Ban, Persol, Prada, Prada Linea Rossa, Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, Oakley, & Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses & glasses, we also carry mid price frames – Ralph by Ralph Lauren, Vogue & New Balance, and our budget brands – Visage & Matrix ALL at discounted prices to suit all budgets.

Studio 1018,
Abbey Mill Business Centre,
12 Seedhill Rd,