Is it time to add prescription sunglasses to your everyday ?

The benefits of wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just to be worn as a fashion statement and they certainly aren’t only for rock stars and celebrities. They play an important role in protecting our eyes as they work to block UV radiation, prevent cataracts and even help to stop eyes from becoming sunburnt. Other medical benefits may make you swap you every day glasses and reach for some quality sunglasses instead.

Eyestrain reduction & headache prevention

– intense sunlight can cause headaches and migraines as the light strains the eye and UV rays are strong enough to damage the cornea. Bright conditions can make headaches worse too so sunglasses can be used to reduce the pain.

Prevent eyes from drying out

– keeping your eyes moist helps them to remain in focus and perform as they need to, so blocking out the head and the light to some degree will reduce the evaporation of the eye’s moisture.


– there are medical conditions that lead to some individuals being more sensitive to light. Even normal or unnatural light can cause pain, and headaches and become too overbearing for the individual to cope with. Sunglasses reduce the brightness and provide some relief for those suffering from this condition.

Lack of Choice

One of the possible reasons for glasses-wearing individuals failing to put on their sunglasses is down to the misconception that there are limited designs and styles available.

If you wear prescription glasses you can’t simply go into any of the fashion shops on the high street and pick up a cheap pair to wear as and when you please. You need to have prescription lenses and many smaller opticians simply lack the choice in lenses.

We have hundreds of frames to suit all styles & budgets and are available to order with a huge variety of prescription lenses. All you need is details of your prescription. You can also benefit from extras such as free tints and anti-reflective coatings.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Don’t put up with squinting this summer !


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