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What You Must Know Before Buying Kids Glasses

There are glasses for all occasions, ranging from the easygoing casual setting of a pub to the formal and professional vibes of an office. Also, people in all age brackets need glasses – both for their function and style.

Glasses For Kids: Making Growing Up More Fun!

You might be annoyed with your child’s constant resistance when it comes to wearing glasses. But what if we told you that glasses can bring similar joy to your child as brought about by toys. It all comes down to getting some basic considerations right when choosing glasses for kids.

Here is a guide to buying kids’ glasses. If you take these things into account, you will arrive at pairs that will certainly bring a smile to your child’s face.

Function: Why Glasses For Your Child?

The reason why you are buying glasses is the most significant aspect that you need to be clear about before proceeding with the purchase.

If your child requires an eyesight correction, you will be looking for glasses with a prescription. In such a case, you need to be assured of your child’s exact prescription. This is where the role of an eye test becomes crucial. The perception that children don’t have to undergo regular eye exams is wrong. Sticking to the practice of annual eye tests for children can go a long way in detecting many underlying health conditions at their initial stage.

If you are looking for glasses that can serve as a safety gear for your child’s eyes as they go about their regular playful act, the choice of material and the fit is something that you cannot overlook.

If you are concerned about your child’s increasing screen time, but then digital screens are something that is not completely avoidable, a blue light protective coating on the lenses is where your search ends.

The function of glasses is also going to impact the other considerations that you need to be making. That’s exactly the reason why it is so crucial.

Comfort: Something That Your Child Deserves The Most

Arguably, the dominant reason why most kids resist glasses is poor comfort. And many parents fail to make this out as children are not aware enough to point out this exact problem. So how do you look for a pair that your child will resist taking off?

A measurement that contributes to making glasses comfortable is the pupillary distance (PD), which is used to locate the optical centre in the lenses. To ensure that your child has the best viewing experience through their glasses, the frames and lenses of their glasses need to align with the optical centre of the eyes, this measurement will be taken by our optometrist at your child’s appointment

We just can’t miss out on material when the talk is about comfort. Anything heavy on the face will not go down well with kids. Hence, you need to be looking for lightweight options. This is the reason why plastic frames are more suited for kids’ glasses than metal frames. Even among various types of plastic, you will need to pick lightweight options.

Children have sensitive skin, especially the area surrounding the eyes. If your child is allergic to any material, hypoallergenic materials are what you should opt for.

The other important aspect responsible for imparting comfort to your glasses is their fit, which we will discuss next.


Fit: Getting It Right

Children are playful and mischievous, and that’s how they are supposed to be. You need a pair of spectacles for your child that are a perfect companion in all their fun and not a hindrance.

You will not want the glasses to fall off when your child is spending quality time in the playground as this will hinder both their vision and safety. To be effective, glasses need to fit well.

When it comes to material, it needs to be noted that glasses made of flexible materials are the ones that fit well as they rest properly on our faces by naturally adjusting to our face shapes.

Two major areas where glasses hold onto your face are the nose and ears. Talking about the nose portion, you need to know that the nose bridge of children is not fully developed. Hence, it is important that you get the bridge fit right as per your child’s requirements so that the pairs do not slip off the nose.

The temples of glasses rest on the ears. Children make a lot of dynamic movements and that’s the reason why you find kids’ glasses with custom temples. You have the option of temples that wrap all the way around the ears. Some pairs come with retainers attached to the temples. Temples with spring hinges are very effective in enhancing the fit of glasses.

Durability: Long-lasting Friend

Well, if you want your child’s glasses to last for a long time, durable materials are what you should choose. For both frames and lenses, materials that have high strength and good impact resistance can do wonders in providing enhanced durability.

Glasses that fit you well are also the ones that are more durable as they rest properly on your faces, reducing the risk of impact.

Style: Matching Your Child’s Definition

If you think that your child is least concerned about style, you are probably wrong. In fact, kids are more choosy when it comes to what attracts them.

Glasses that match the playful vibes of childhood are child-like ones. This is what you can achieve by opting for shapes and colours that are lively and radiate fun and positivity. Do pick a pair that subscribes to your child’s idea of style.

We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on buying glasses for your child. Follow these tips to purchase a pair of glasses for your kids that they will always love to put on.

We accept NHS Vouchers for kids & our Kids Clinic operates regularly based on demand, get in touch to find out when the next one is on.


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